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Our First Time Sharing

A few months after we were married my wife Susie was invited to a birthday party for David an old childhood friend of hers who lived a few hours away. I had never met David but my wife talked about him all the time. She would tell me stories of them growing up and how he always had a thing for her. In high school he always tried to get her to show him her boobs and asked her out repeatedly.  Despite his advances they were always just friends. Her plans for the evening were to simply drive out after work, drink lots of alcohol and pass out on his sofa for the night then drive back the following day.

They grew up a few blocks from each other and were in the same grade through High school and even attended the same college. They were for all intents and purposes “Best Friends” and she originally intended to make the trip alone. But I know my wife and alcohol and made it known that I was not comfortable with her going solo.

After a little resistance she agreed that I had legitimate concerns and agreed to let me go as well. The next few nights before the party I had a very odd vivid dream of my wife and David sitting on a sofa with me across the room on a chair. They were kissing and he had his hand up her shirt groping her breasts. I opened my mouth to yell for him to stop but nothing came out…I stood up to go pull her away and found that I had an erection and sat back down out of embarrassment. They kissed my entire dream Susie  occasionally looking back at me smiling,  I watch in disbelief as my wife unzips David’s pants and begins to stroke his erect cock. She looks at me smiling and lowers her head parting her lips to accept his cock, that’s when I would  wake up.

When I woke I was extremely excited and would wake my wife and have sex with her. When I came it was different, almost euphoric. The night before the party I actually drifted off to sleep excited about what dreams may come…

The day of the party I got home from work a little early. Susie was getting dressed. She wore a spaghetti strap jean top that buttoned up the front and tight Khaki pants. Her top had very little material and left little to the imagination. It covered the top of her perky small breasts but stopped just over her navel. The thing I liked most about her choice was that she couldn’t wear a bra with it! I think I surprised her when I suggested she let me write Happy Birthday across my her breasts so she could flash David for his birthday. After all she said he used to always beg to see them and she never gave in. At first she said no but a short while later she asked if I would really be ok with her showing him her boobs. I told her of course I was dying to see the expression on his face when he saw them for the first time. She smiled, handed me a red marker and I created David’s birthday card!

When we arrived at David’s house both he and his roommate were well on their way to being trashed so the wife and I had to play catch up. We brought 150 strong jello shots with us. They were pretty strong and my wife was putting them back quickly. Plenty of other people were coming and going and I was beginning to think my wife would never have the opportunity to show David his present.

About an hour and a half into the evening my wife stumbled over and asked if it was ok to show him yet. It kind of caught me off guard, She had to be getting a really good buzz because there were 6 other guys sitting around the living room getting high and drinking beer. I was now VERY glad I had insisted on coming along. I learned early on in our relationship that as my wife gets buzzed she tends to lose all inhibition. She will always start by showing her breasts then progress to letting people touch and grope. Until she gets handsy herself. I asked her to hold off on giving David his birthday present a bit longer and see if the crowd thinned out.

After a few more drinks I realized that things would not be slowing down anytime soon and my wife had already unbuttoned two of the five buttons on her top, besides after watching all the guys competing for my wife’s attention I was dying to see their reaction when my wife flashed her breasts to David. My cock was rock hard from just imagining her showing her breasts to a room full of strange men.

Susie was sitting between David and his roommate on the sofa. I got her attention and motioned for her to follow me to the hallway. I told her if she still wanted to show him his present now was as good a time as any. She smiled, and went back into the living room stood proudly in front of David.

My wife requested everyone’s attention as everyone gathered in the living room Susie explained that she had a very special present for David this year. She slowly started to unbutton the remaining buttons on her top as she shared David’s high school desires to see her boobs to the crowd. She said that she talked it over with me, her husband, and decided that this year for his birthday she would make his dream come true! With that she finished the last button and opened her top to reveal “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” written across her boobs.

She turned slowly so that the other guests could get a good view of David’s present as the guys clapped and cheered. Their faces were all lit up. All David could say was “WOW”. She turned again so that everyone got a good look then back to David and asked if he wanted to help button her back up…He replied “Not really I kind of like the view” I told her that it was a shame he could only enjoy his present for such a short time. I suggested she display his birthday greeting for the rest of the evening. Everyone agreed and urged her to “keep them free”, she caved almost instantly letting the straps slide down her shoulders and folding then tossing her top to David.

So for the next hour or so my topless wife sat with David on the sofa. They posed for a few pictures then more guys started showing up. It seems the guys were texting pics to their friends of the hot topless chick at David’s party.

By now Susie is really feeling good from the celebrating. She was making the rounds talking to all the guys flirting and making sure they got a good eyeful and some of them were getting a good handful too….

I noticed poor David was sitting on the sofa alone while she was mingling and I suggested she go give the birthday boy some attention. She sat and chatted with him for a while. I brought some jello shots into the living room and had her press her breasts together and scooped the jello shot out onto her breasts. We started with David doing a couple then she agreed to let the other guys do some as well. By now there were 9 guys there and the jello shots went quickly.

Some time later Susie got up and went to the to get another drink when everyone in the living room heard her yell “Oh Shit!“ from the kitchen. She had gone in to make herself a drink and one of the drunk guest bumped into her and she ended up spilling it all down the front of her khakis. I tried not to laugh but couldn’t help myself. She looked so helpless yet sexy. 

My wife had spilled the entire drink on herself and was soaked. I told her that she would just have to take them off so we could hang them out to dry. I think my statement caught everyone in the room off guard as there was a rather long pause before they all began to agree. My mind was racing with images of Susie wearing only her panties in a room full of strange men. I was trying to remember which panties she had worn today. I was hoping for her red thong. She was obviously drunk by now because she didn’t waste a second. With her back to me she unfastened her pants and slid them down to her ankles. The guy’s reaction was deafening. I stood amid the sounds of cheers for my wife and was myself speechless at the sight of her bare ass. I quickly realized I should have thought before I spoke because she NEVER wore panties with those pants. My wife now stood in the kitchen totally nude. I took in the sight as the other guests ogled my beautiful wife. Her pussy was neatly trimmed just above her pussy lips with the lower portion shaven smooth. The guys began to hoot and holler…Susie strutted around the kitchen shaking her sexy ass hugging and kissing on the guys as they cupped her ass and felt her up.

I must have looked shocked because when she finally made eye contact Susie smiled and stumbled over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. She asked me if everything was ok. She said she didn’t want me to be mad. It was just such a turn on to be naughty in front of me.

I told her it was fine. I liked it too and asked her to go back into the living room and sit on David’s lap, then spread her legs for him I was dying to see the expression on his face. She giggled and headed to the living room as the guys along her path made sure to touch and grope as she passed them. I heard David react almost immediately as she entered the room, Oh My God, you are fucking beautiful! He said.

When I entered the living room she was already seated on his lap. I stole a kiss and sat in a chair directly across from them. As I sat down as she spread her legs and guided his hand down to her pussy as she smiled and bit her lower lip. My wife must have been getting turned on because she turned and kissed him as his fingers found her wet pussy me and the other guests watched as his fingers disappeared inside my wife. Suddenly I felt as if in a dream like state. It was so erotic to watch his fingers disappear inside her pussy and hear her moans of pleasure. The other guys got really quiet, I could hear them breathing heavily as the crowded around Susie and David. David began to concentrate on her clit with his thumb and forefinger I could tell she was getting close to orgasm as his fingers worked faster and faster and her moans grew louder and longer until all of a sudden she arched her back and began to squirt all over his lap. His buddies started cheering after several minutes they quieted down and then started encouraging my wife to return the favor, They started chanting “Suck his cock, suck his cock” she looked at me very confused about what was taking place and I think David noticed because he put a stop to it. He told everyone it was time to leave. They were all reluctant to leave at first but quickly lined up at the door when my wife agreed to send them each off with a hug and kiss.

I again watched in a dreamy trance each of the 7 remaining guests took turns taking my nude wife in their arms, all of them cupping her ass and grinding against her as she kissed them before they left. The first two kisses were only pecks on the lips but the third guy was brave and slipped my wife his tongue and she responded likewise. They kissed for almost a minute as his hands roamed her body. The last four kisses followed suit and after what seemed like 20 minutes the guests were finally gone.

Once back in the living room his room mate headed off to his bedroom with the parting comment “Thank you all for the wonderful evening. If you need me I will be in my room masturbating” We all laughed and Susie offered him a kiss goodnight as well. Once it was just the three of us, Susie still nude sat between David and I for a while just chit chatting.

My wife was evidently not finished for the night as she once again moved to sit on David’s lap, this time without my prompting, as he and I talked about many different things including my wife and her fabulous body. It made me so horny to watch him stroke her arms and stare at her breasts. Susie sat sideways on his lap as I sat directly across from them again. She had her hand closest to me on his knee and the other in her lap. For several minutes she seemed to be adjusting how she was sitting, it wasn’t until I started noticing the changes of expression on David’s face that I realized she wasn’t adjusting how she was sitting she was pulling David’s cock out of his pants…. I moved beside them so I could watch as she rubbed his cock against her thigh and pussy. There were several times I thought she might actually stick it inside her but she would always back off at the last second…. It must have been driving him crazy!

Susie was taking turns kissing me and David all the while playing with David’s cock. I watched as she moved her hips so that his shaft rubbed her pussy. She leaned back taking hold of his cock and used the head to rub the opening of her pussy… It was such a sight to watch the head of his cock gently spread my wife’s pussy lips. At times it almost disappeared inside her inviting pussy. One quick thrust on David’s part would surely penetrate my wife.. After a few more minutes of this treatment I watched as my wife began to kiss him then a thick stream of cum exploded from David’s cock, my wife squeezed his cock between her thighs as his cock spurt forth onto her belly and drained into her lap. In the end there was a small pond of semen gathered at my wife’s pussy.

Susie excused herself to the bathroom to clean up while David and I stayed in the living room. He thanked me for his wonderful present. About 15 minutes or so later David said he had to get some sleep before work in the morning. He went and got some blankets and pillows for Susie and I. He said good night then went to his room leaving my wife and I to settle in on the sofa.

My wife asked if I enjoyed myself and I told her definitely. She asked if I thought David liked his present and I told her no. I think he loved it! She said she had fun too. Then for some reason I will never quite comprehend, maybe it was the dreams prior, I suggested that if she really wanted to give David a present to remember she should go climb in the bed with him and make ALL of his dreams come true. After a short pause she asked if I was serious and I told her as long as I get some pics she could fuck him, suck him, whatever she wanted. She kissed me passionately then quietly got up and I watched as her sexy ass disappeared down the hallway and into David’s bedroom.

At first it was very quiet, I closed my eyes and began to imagine what was happening…. I could see them lying naked in bed kissing. He was probably on his back and she was probably on her side with her body pressed against his…. They would kiss for a few minutes as she stroked his cock… My wife’s  kisses would work their way down to his cock where she would greet it with her tongue and lips, licking and sucking until he was hard again. I wondered if she would taste leftover semen from their encounter in the living room….

Curiosity overcame me and I got up and tiptoed to the bathroom stopping at his bedroom door. The door was slightly ajar and I peeked inside… It was dark and I couldn’t see very well at first but as my eyes adjusted I could make out the shadow of my wife’s head rising and falling near the middle of the bed… Susie was sucking his cock…I closed my eyes briefly and imagined his cock sliding between her sweet soft lips… I opened my eyes to watch a little longer and saw that he now had her by her hair holding her stationary head as he no doubt pumped her throat full of his semen. As he let go I heard her gulp, she swallowed….. I stood quietly hidden at the door stroking myself as I watched my wife in bed with another man for the first time.

They talked softly for a few minutes as my wife continued to stroke David’s cock. He told her how good it felt having her suck his cock and she told him how wet it made her to suck him. She told him she wanted him to fuck her and he responded “I was hoping you would say that.” Well she must have gotten him hard again because she leaned up and kissed his as she swung her leg over him… She straddled him on her knees for a minute or so… I heard him tell her that he had fantasized about this moment for years. My wife leaned forward and kissed him again then leaned back and looked toward the door. She must have seen me because she paused briefly staring in my direction while I watched as she lowered herself down and could tell by her gasp that he was now inside her…. As she leaned forward to kiss him again as her body began to slowly rise and fall. I snuck back to the sofa and jerked off as I listened to the faint noises of sex coming from the back room. The slight squeaking of the mattress, my wife’s familiar moans, his strange grunts and my wife reaching orgasm once, then twice. I kept imagining his cock penetrating my wife as her delicate fingers guided its path when she lowered herself onto him.

I had just started to drift off to sleep when my wife snuggled up on the sofa with me an hour or so later. I knew she had a good time because I reached around her and slid two fingers into her and found that his cum was still oozing from her pussy. She handed me her camera and whispered that she forgot about it until after but she thinks I will like the pic. I turned it on and found a close-up of her pussy hovering over his exhausted cock dripping cum. I took the opportunity to fuck her myself before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning we ate with David, who had decided to call in sick, and his roommate at the kitchen table. Much to our friendly hosts delight Susie was still nude from the night before with dried trails of mine and David’s semen running down her inner thigh. She sat between David and his roommate. The three of us guys were in our boxers. His roommate made oatmeal and my wife took the opportunity to flirt with him as we ate. She asked if he had his workout before going to bed. He smiled and said yes he did but it wasn’t anything like the workout he heard going on in David’s room. Susie smiled coyly and and asked if he was feeling a little left out as she reached over sliding her hand into his his boxers and began to stroke him.

Susie motioned for David to move closer and she did the same to him. I watched as my wife stroked both guys for almost ten minutes until I asked her if she wanted to move things into the bedroom. She smiled and we all followed her sexy petite naked ass down the hall into David’s bedroom.

Once inside she pushed David’s roommate onto the bed and climbed on top of him straddling him at his waist. She leaned down and kissed him with her tongue as David and I groped her ass and breasts. After a few minutes of kissing David’s roommate Susie slid down grabbing a hold of his cock, gently licked at its head then almost instantly wrapped her lips around it and eased it into her throat. She began long concentrated strokes with her mouth and hand working his cock feverishly as David and I took turns fingering my wife’s dripping pussy. Finally he announced he was going to cum as Susie pulled off of his cock allowing him to squirt his load on her breasts.

Once she was satisfied Susie turned her attention to me, stroking and sucking on my cock as she grinded on David with her ass. He knew exactly what she wanted and guided his cock into her pussy  from behind. He began to pump with his hips and I felt every thrust as my wife’s was forced forward burying my cock into her throat. David’s roommate watch with a smile as his cock began to get hard once again. After about five minutes I could tell David was cumming deep inside my wife and I could hold back no longer. I emptied my passion into her throat. David and I sat back on the bed my wife still in the middle of the bed on leaning forward on her elbows and knees. David waved me over to look at my wife’s pussy. We watched as his seed slowly globbed from her opening to the bed below.

Susie finally lay back on the bed as the three of us guys sat beside her taking in the sight of her sexy used body. After a short break she looked at David’s roommate and asked him “How do you want me?” He climbed up between her legs spreading them wide. He slid his arms up under her knees and scooted closer pressing the head of his swollen cock against the opening of my wife’s slippery used pussy. As he leaned forward lifting her knees to her shoulders he forced his cock into Susie making the funniest noise. I assume it was do to her activity last night and this morning and it was really indescribable. David and I watched as his roommate fucked my wife nice and slow as he kissed her passionately throughout. He was very methodical in his actions but as he got closer to orgasm he went a little harder and a little faster. He finally let out a grunt then a yell as he too came inside my wife.

His room mate collapsed on top of Susie as David once again fed her his hungry cock. She stroked his shaft and sucked the head of his cock. He looked like he was in heaven. Several times through out last night and this morning he said he couldn’t believe this was happening. Finally David told her “Oh yea, I’m gonna cum baby!” As David began to unload my wife wrapped her lips tightly around the head of his cock allowing him to fill her mouth to overflowing capacity. She tried to open her mouth slightly to show me his cum in her mouth but it quickly began to flow out the corners of her mouth. Susie finally closed her mouth quickly and choked her best friends semen down her throat. Now I was in Heaven!

It was a turn on the night before knowing that another man not only had his cock in my wife’s mouth and her pussy but came inside her too. Today I found it was much more of a turn on than I ever thought possible watching other men use my wife and cum inside her as I watched. I was hooked!!

This night changed our relationship all together. We have adopted a tradition of my wife choosing one of our friends each year and she gets to have sex with him.