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One in a Million!

Now my wife Susie is in my own words drop dead gorgeous. She was one of those awkward band nerds growing up, you know the ones the jocks like to pick on in school. This band nerd however, blossomed…. BIG time! When we met she was 24 years old, petite, with short reddish brown hair, a beautiful smile, stands about 5 foot 5 inches tall weighs 115 soaking wet, she has perfect 34B breasts, a knockout ass, and one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever laid eyes on, I have quite a few friends who will tell you the same. She still gets stared at by guys all the time and they are constantly hitting on her. I consider myself VERY lucky. Especially since she is nearly half my age!

Susie is generally pretty conservative however when she drinks or is doing something she considers naughty her sex drive gets kicked into high gear. We have been to many parties where she has always been one to flash her breast among other things. It didn’t take long to put two and two together and realise that she always wanted sex after we attended parties where she managed to lose some clothing. Once when we were dating we were drinking on the porch with two other male friends and one of them asked her if she shaved down South. She dropped her pants and not only showed them her shaven pussy but let them feel how smooth it was. It was such a turn on to watch my friends touch my girlfriend like that. I knew that I had to marry this woman!

Now 12 years later my Susie has fucked nearly 200 friends, co-workers and neighbors and sucked off even more!

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